Thanksgiving Centerpiece- Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids To Make

Fall is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This time of year I really start seeing an interest in holiday craft ideas and Thanksgiving time gives us the chance to make some beautiful, creative, and colorful projects. Soon we will all be seated around the dinner table surrounded by family and friends with delicious food everywhere.  There are so many things to be thankful for.  A great way to teach kids the importance of gratitude is to let them express their thankfulness through arts and crafts projects.  I’d like to show you how to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dinner table this Thanksgiving that you can make together with your kids and grandkids.
Autumn leaf garland (You can string your own if you live in an area with colorful fall leaves)
Twig of foam wreath
A few stems of Autumn color flowers
Assorted Thanksgiving clip art leaves (easy to find online)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
18 or 20 gauge wire (I used copper colored 18 gauge from Artistic Wire Co.)
Candle and candle jar (I used the Armour Jar and Bottle Cutter to cut off the bottom of a glass pickle jar)
Armour Jar and Bottle Cutter available at Marlene’s Craft And Design Studio store.
Super Color Shrink Plastic (Available in packs of 12 or 100 sheets bulk) at Marlene’s Craft And Design Studio store.
Toaster oven or you can use your range oven
Make the Thanksgiving Centerpiece
1.  Find free clip art designs of pretty Fall leaves on the internet and print onto sheets of the Super Color Shrink Plastic.

Super Color Shrink Plastic

2.  Cut out leaves and get the kids involved by letting them use a sharpie to write what they are thankful for on each leaf.
3.  Place a leaf on a cookie sheet or baking tray and place in a 325 degree oven until the leaf shrinks and lays flat. (Watch carefully as this only takes about a minute or less)
Shrink Plastic Leaf Shrinking
4.  Set shrunken leaves aside while decorating the wreath base.
Shrinky Dink Plastic Leaves
5.  Hot glue the wreath garland around the base and glue Autumn flowers in bare spots to cover base of wreath.
6.  Set candle in jar and place in center of wreath.
Bottle Cutter Candle Holder
7.  Cut wire in different lengths and glue to the back of the shrunken leaves.
8.  Insert wire stems into centerpiece at different heights around the candle.
9.  Have kids help by placing their shrunken leaves onto the centerpiece.
10.  Light candle at dinner time and enjoy.
Thanksgiving Crafts- Table Centerpiece
Get started right away by ordering your Super Color Shrink Plastic and Armour Jar and Bottle Cutter at Marlene’s Craft and Design Studio store!  If you have enjoyed this post, please use one of the social sharing buttons to the left and share it with your friends and family.
Marlene’s Craft And Design Studio wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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Screen Print t-shirt

With the Print Gocco you can create a personalized – one of a kind – T-shirt using clip art or your own designs. Be sure to see all the screen printing inks and accessories you can create with!


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Resin Grape Cluster

These Grape Clusters were so popular in the early 1970’s. We made hundreds in my classes at that time and now I am getting requests for the instructions again.


So many people write and say, I remember my Mom or Grandmother having one and would like to make them for my family. grapes


Materials Needed:


  • 48 to 64 – 2 1/2″ glass Christmas balls
  • 1 gallon casting resin and catalyst
  • Resin dye color of your choice
  • Plastic disposable measuring cups
  • Craft sticks
  • Small funnel ( see how to make one below )
  • Driftwood or Grape wood
  • Krylon Triple Thick spray glaze
  • Artificial Grape Leaves
  • Drill with 3/8″ bit
  • Green covered floral wire, 18 ga. 10″ length for each ball
  • Wire cutters and pliers


Here’s How:


1. Remove hangers from glass balls. Cover work surface to protect. Set balls in carton with opening straight up.


2. Pour 8 oz. of resin into cup. Add 3 drops of catalyst per oz. Add 4 drops blue and 5 drops red dye if making purple grapes. Stir well with craft stick being sure to stir around edges.


3. Place funnel in opening and pour to top of ball. Don’t pour into neck. Let set overnight.


4. Working over trash can, tap balls with pliers to break glass. Be very careful as glass is sharp. Wipe balls with paper towels to remove any small particles of glass. Set balls back in box.


5. Drill a hole in the neck of each ball about 1/2″ deep. Mix 1 ox. of resin and add 4 drops of catalyst, 1 drop of blue and 1 drop of red dye and mix well. With craft stick drop a small drop of resin in the hole and insert a 10″ wire. Add a few more drops to fill the hole. Let set overnight to dry.


6. Drill holes all along the sides and top of driftwood about every inch. Starting at the tip, insert a wire from a grape and a wire from another grape from the opposite side. Wap the wires around the end of the balls to secure. Continue until driftwood is covered as you like.


7. Glue leaves in any areas that need to be hidden or look bare.


How to make a funnel


Cut an empty glue dabber bottle in half. Wash all the glue out. Cut the tip off so it fits inside the neck of the ball.

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For the quilter

For The Quilter; This Basswood Bucket was painted with the Chartpak Woodcrafter Markers. The markers are so clean and fast and no mess painting. apple store site down Sewing Notions Color Scenes was applied to decorate the bucket. What a great gift for the quilter or to sit by your sewing machine to hold sewing essentials.


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Stained Glass Egg Paper Weight

These paper weights are so much fun and so quick and easy to create. pin_egg


I used a large goose egg although you can use any size egg you have.


Cut off the bottom of the egg so it will sit flat ( a Dremel tool works great to cut the egg ). Trace around the egg on poster board and cut out the circle to be used when finished.


Use any colors of Piñata paints you like and cover the egg. Let colors run together to achieve the stained glass look. Let dry. Spray with several coats of high gloss clear spray to seal the colors.


Fill the egg with sand. Glue the poster board circle to the bottom. Glue braid around the bottom edge to decorate.

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Phonograph Record Clock

Designs and Instructions by Marlene Watson clock_project

This is a fun way to recycle a 33 phonograph record and a CD and turn it into a one of a kind clock. So easy and a quick project!

Supplies Needed:

  • 33 record
  • CD
  • Acrylic paint in colors of your choice
  • Make up sponge
  • Summer Bears & Blooms CD
  • Ink Jet Shrink Plastic
  • DecoArt Acrylic sealer/ Finisher, Matte
  • Clock kit with short shank


Here’s How:


1. Using the make up sponge, apply the paint to both sides of the record. If you are using two colors of paint the sponge dipped in both colors at once will give a nice marbled look. Let dry and apply a coat of spray sealer on both sides.


2. Print the desired designs from the CD onto the Shrink Plastic. Cut out and shrink in a oven or toaster oven following manufacturer instructions. Spray each shrunk shape with spray sealer.


3. Glue CD in center of record with label side down. Referring to photo, glue shapes on record with Bear shapes at the 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 points. Glue hearts for the other numbers. Glue Butterflies and Bees around edge of CD.


4. Insert clock works and you are FINISHED!!!

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Pretty in pink print Gocco

Another great project with the Print Gocco.  For the candle and ceramic vase, the image was printed on plain white tissue paper and then decoupaged onto the surface.  gocco_pink

The design is from a Dover Clip Art book.  You can see how the Print Gocco picks up the very fine detail in the design.

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Lunch bag vases with Gocco

Turn Lunch Bags Into Unique Vases with the Print Gocco and Envirotex Pour On Coatinglitedlunchbags

A great way to personalize a gift or use the Print Gocco to print a special design onto the lunch bag.

The inside was then coated with Envirotex and allowed to dry. Then turn the bag over on top of a bottle to hold it up off the table and coat the outside with Envirotex. Apply two coats to the outside if the vase will be holding water.

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Halloween Bottle Cut Jars

These jars would make a perfect gift for Grandma by making a decal of the kid’s all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. hallowglas

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Screen Printing Lunch Bag Vases with Print Gocco

Turn Lunch Bags Into Unique Vases with the Print Gocco and Envirotex Pour On Coating

Screen Printed Bag Vases

A great way to personalize a gift or use the Print Gocco to print a special design onto the lunch bag.

The inside was then coated with Envirotex and allowed to dry. Then turn the bag over on top of a bottle to hold it up off the table and coat the outside with Envirotex. Apply two coats to the outside if the vase will be holding water.

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